Moving day…

Alright well not really, I actually moved a week ago but!!!! The excitement is still lingering. I just downscaled from my amazing spacious one bedroom apartment. It really was a beautiful and comfortable space but when life throws stones at you might as well get out the way. Now I have a roommate, a much smaller space and a lot less privacy – but my cost of living has also dropped and it is exactly what I needed right now because shit got REAL a couple months ago. I will elaborate later when things are all sorted out but the silver lining? My roommate is my brother so at least I don’t have to take just anybody’s bullshit.

yes we take turns sleeping on the couch from time to time

I’ve pretty much spent the week unpacking and figuring out places to squeeze much of the items that just had their own spot in my last place. It certainly is making things a lot more cozier around here but I suppose ‘m still a few clicks short of being mistaken for a hoarder.

Getting to work though sure is easier, as my 45 minute drive has turned into a ten minute walk – which is especially good now that spring has popped in and summer is around the corner. Can’t complain there.

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