Made it through day 1

So I made it through day one. In summary I was very productive and still took some time to unwind – GUILT FREE!

Woke up this morning early and almost went into my usual morning ritual of reading for 30 minutes before jumping in the shower and heading to work. Caught myself though, and took a little time to lay in bed – not long just about ten minutes. I read in an article somewhere that this relaxed the mind as opposed to the frantic / stressful state of mind that one usually wakes up in when they have to prepare for work in the morning. I then read “Children of Blood and Bone” by Tomi Adeyemi for 45 minutes before getting out of bed. Very good read for those who have not checked it out. First on my agenda was to hit the gym – another task that i seldom found time for before work but things are different when you work on your own schedule.

children of blood and bone

I handled some business meetings and planned out some objectives for the day and the rest of the week and got started on them. Did a bit of marketing for my project and ended things with a casual drink downtown with some close friends.

I think what I will enjoy most about this lifestyle is the freedom of not having to unwillingly pry myself from bed on a morning. I can take time to do the things that make me happy like getting my workouts in and doing some meditating for mental health. When I get to my desk I will enjoy the hours of work that I have set aside for the day and the feeling of accomplishment when it is over will only improve my confidence and state of mind. I know now that I will be more than excited to get out of bed and that makes conquering the day even more worth it to me.

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