Everyday is Friday

Yesterday, Friday June 21st, marked the second day of my self employment and I have to say it was – different!

I woke up and that usual “It’s Friday!” excitement one feels when its Friday was not there. Probably due to the realization that I can now engage in activities which usually waited for the weekend any day of the week was beginning to settle in. It was not a bad thing, I was still thrilled to be up and ready to my tasks for the day but during my usual morning meditation I definitely recognized the absence of this feeling. I did some reading and set out to plan my day.

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I have to say one of the greatest aspects of owning your schedule is being able to handle chores, appointments, breaks as you wish. I take an hour between work tasks to perhaps clean up a room or get to the bank or the gym and I do not feel the need to be rushing constantly every time I step away from my work station. This week I am going to spend a few days working from different points in the city – the library, the park, a coffee shop that I’ve never visited. These ideas that are continuously coming to me now that they are possible to explore.

For the most part my day consisted of social media marketing and outreach few hours of development. It all passes by so quickly and my productivity levels are way higher than an equivalent day in my previous job.

Still no regrets!

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