Who is mr.fevrier?!

I am a Web and Mobile App developer with vested interests in various Philanthropic endeavors. Despite my technical primary profession - I have worthy experience in sales, customer service and financial positions. A quick list of my hobbies and interests include physical fitness activities - primarily hiking and exercising; photography, cooking and home improvement projects. Luckily these extra curricular activities get me my fair share of traveling which holds the number one spot on my list of interests.

A little background...

I am a proud Saint Lucian national - born and raised. I moved to the United States to pursure my BSc. in Computer Science at the age of 20 and transferred to Nova Scotia Canada to finish my degree. I come from a relatively large family and so because of how geographically scattered everyone is, I have had the opportunity to visit many new places and experience many different cultures. I enjoy people on a whole and so making friends from all walks of life has always brought me joy.

My love for Web development began as far back as I understood how well the internet connected people from across the world. I to this day hope to create a platform that will contribute to this purpose. Plus I simply love bringing to reality digital ideas and concepts.

My philanthropic efforts - although still small scale, are motivated by my life experiences which have taught me that although I do not have much - there are others still with less. It is simply my will to do as much as I can to help those with less. My reward is self satisfaction.

Find out more about the Caribbean Students Success Fund now available at Saint Mary's University.

Let's get in touch

If you liked what you read and are interested in working with me on a project, hit that button right there and shoot me a message with your ideas and let's see if we can make something happen!